Not every one of us are born with perfectly straight teeth, some of us have crooked teeth that have been ruining our smiles for so many years. Science claims that having a perfect smile boosts your confidence. If your crooked teeth are ruining your confidence and your smile, then consider getting them fixed! Going from crooked teeth to perfectly aligned teeth is a long process that requires a commitment of months, before deciding on it you should gather as much information as you can on the subject. If you’re still unsure about what to pick between invisalign and braces then you should consider invisalign for their numerous benefits over braces, these are just to state a few.

Prices are about the same

There has been a myth going around invisalign that they cost a hefty amount more than braces which are completely false as every case is different and the cost is determined on the complexity and duration of the case but the price of invisalign and braces are almost about the same. You should consult your family dentist about the price before compromising on getting better treatment out of false fear of expenses.

Could be more effective than braces in some cases

There is also a rumour that invisalign from Alexandra Hills takes longer to provide the same benefits as braces do which is completely false as they are equally effective as braces if not, they are more. People don’t adapt to change quickly and tend to spread a false rumour about it without getting any information about it. The duration of invisalign could be increased due to the complexity of the case or negligence of the client or doctor not because the invisalign is less effective.

Less invasive for your oral cavity

The common complaint of braces patient is how uncomfortable the braces are, it ends up disrupting the oral cavity around it with its sharp metallic edges, might even cause bleeding. You lose appetite due to how uncomfortable chewing becomes but with Invisalign that is not the case they are designed on the computer after taking a scan of your mouth specifically designed for you, they fit comfortability and can be taken off easily during meals.

Embarrassed about getting braces?

Kids can be brutal these days, there has been a stigma attached to traditional braces as it could attract the wrong kind of attention. If you’re embarrassed about braces or just want the treatment to be subtle and unnoticeable then Invisalign is designed to do that as they are nothing but a transparent plastic coating around your teeth which is not visible, on top of that you have the option of taking it off any time of the day you want. Providing you more freedom.

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Why You Should Pick Invisalign Over Braces