When we talk about shoes then we are simply talking about the safety and style. We wear shoes to protect our feet from many things. Also, it is a sign of style and many other things. People like to wear all kinds of shoes like high heels, sports shoes, joggers, flats etc. The choice of variety of shoes depend upon the occasion that we need to attend. We all like to wear shoes according to the gatherings. We can wear high heels if we are going to a beach. Likewise, we can’t wear Hawaii slippers if we are going to a formal event. So, it all depends upon the functions and events.

People usually like to wear flat slippers on daily basis if they are going for shopping, office or roaming around in a house.Reasons to Wear Flat SlippersThere are many reasons that people choose flat slippers over heels for daily basis. Some of the common reasons of wearing them are mentioned below.

• Even Body Weight on Feet:

The harshest disadvantage of wearing high heels is that it doesn’t supply even weight distribution to the foul of the feet. Our feet become elevated from one side and the whole weight is dependent on that side. When we take off our heels, we feel so much a stiffness on that area. Also, it effects our bone. If we wear it daily basis, it can easily change the structure of our feet bone which is not at all good in long term. So, wearing flat heels is the better option as it provides the even weight on the feet.

• Comfortable:

Flat slippers and shoes are comfortable. We can wear them easily without having a fear of pain and other thing. We can wear it almost a whole day without any problem. It also protects our feet from cracking in the extreme weather conditions.

• No Feeling of Tiredness:When we wear heels, we get tired after an hour or so. But, if we wear flat then it doesn’t affect our structure of feet, so there is no pain. t is the most preferable thing. Mostly people like this advantage of wearing flats.

• Security:It gives us security. It doesn’t let our foot twist or move on bumpy surfaces. We can easily walk on bumpy surfaces as well with flat slipper. But, if we talk about high heels, there is always a threat of falling down or foot twist.

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Why Do People Prefer Wearing Shoes?

Why Do People Prefer Wearing Shoes?