Before dipping our noses in the topic, the bad news is! There is nothing safe and nothing means really nothing, may be that handkerchief inside our pockets is safe and why? Because it’s not part of our android, computer or any other technology it’s just there lying inside the pocket and solving the purpose. Now comes something even worst, everything on our computers, laptops, palmtops, android, Facebook account, insta account and just name it every single thing out there is like an open book for everybody and for anybody especially for cyber attackers. Means anybody who possesses the knowledge of stealing information from the computer can easily access any device of yours and steal as much as he/she wants and do whatever with the information. Imagine how scary and irritating is this? Now imagine if this happens to a company or a multinational organization? They will kill themselves for sure because of this blunder. Definitely this reminds us about cyber-attacks, cybercrimes and other cyber security services Perth related negativity which was initially was taken as a part and parcel of the internet access, but at least now people are educated and know how to save their information from cyber-attacks.

For those sweet readers who are totally unaware of IT field, cyber-attack to the computer and information is what cold, cough, flu, dengue is for the human body (repercussions can be even more serious and can cause millions and billion to a company). Here we won’t discuss things technically as it won’t make any sense to a person who doesn’t have the IT knowledge but the names of cyber-attacks cannot be changed, so without being technical some common types of cyber-attacks are Denial of service, Malware, Drive by attack, password attack (the most common one), Cross Site Scripting etc. this field is so broad that one cannot just predict things just like that and honestly the damage is enormous of a cyber-attack, depends on the nature of information leaked. The most common thing which almost everyone has faced (at least once in his/her life) is password leakage, stealing of password to gain unauthorized access. No matter it’s the password of your Facebook account or password of a meta data of company (contains millions of sensitive material) that is an example of password attack aka cyber-attack.

Usually the difference between just hacking the password and malware is simple. Password stealing is something which is quite common and the attacker can hack it without accessing the system of the victim (either remotely or physically). Whereas in a malware the attacker gets the complete access of the system and use the same system in order to manipulate, steal and misuse the sensitive information and sometimes the same information is used for earning money (by selling the stolen information to somebody who needs it) which is also a cyber crime.

It’s Like Any Other Virus Attacks A Human Body

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